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Meet Our Team

Receive outstanding customer service from our professional staff.

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of nearly 300 employees, just as we are for our residents. We provide an opportunity for our staff to work in a family atmosphere with trust and direct involvement in the lives and care of our residents. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards, and are rewarded with a positive, upbeat team of staff members whom provide quality care.

Kris Modl, ACBSW

Kris Modl, ACBSW
Social Services and
Admissions Director, 1998
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Cassie Chrystal, CSW

Cassie Chrystal, CSW
Admissions Coordinator,
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Beth Gilbert

Beth Gilbert
Admissions Coordinator,
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Tara Shilha

Tara Shilha, CSW
Social Worker /
Admissions, 2018
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Michelle Baskin, CSW

Michelle Baskin, CSW
First Floor
Social Worker, 2018
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Jody Anderson

Jody Anderson, CSW
Second Floor
Social Worker, 2016
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Shelby Kolar, RN

Shelby Kolar, RN, DNS-CT
Director of Nursing, 2001
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Kelly Heinbuch, RN, BSN, WCC

Kelly Heinbuch,

Wound Care Nurse, 2002
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 Jackie Ventry, RN

Jackie Ventry, RN
First Floor Nurse Case Manager, 2013
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Corie Peters, RN

Corie Peters, RN, BSN
First Floor Nurse Case Manager, 2011
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Whitney Hesselberg

Whitney Hesselberg, RN
Second Floor Nurse
Case Manager, 2017
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Mandy Olson

Mandy Olson, RN
Second Floor Nurse
Case Manager, 2013
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Ashley Wiltrout, RN

Ashley Wiltrout, RN
Second Floor Nurse
Case Manager, 2017
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Infection Preventionist,
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Samantha Hopp

Samantha Hopp, RN
Restorative Nurse,
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Louis Alix

Louis Alix
Rehabilitation Director,
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Kris Metcalf

Kris Metcalf
Recreation Director,
Email Kris Metcalf


Tricia Thatcher, MS, RD, CD

Tricia Thatcher,
Nutritional Services
Director, 2015
Email Tricia Thatcher

Donna Nelson

Donna Nelson
Nutritional Services
Assistant Director, 2014
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Kathryn DeCleene

Kathryn DeCleene
Nutritional Services Assistant Director, 2017
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Tim Meltz

Tim Meltz
Environmental Services
Director, 2016
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Peggy Flaskrud

Peggy Flaskrud
Environmental Services
Supervisor, 1997
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Peggy Biesen

Peggy Biesen
Accounts Receivable
Director, 2012
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Angela Hite

Angela Hite
Regional Director of Community Relations, 2007
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Juliane Ader

Juliane Ader,

Health Information
Director, 2006
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  Jennifer Risinger, PHR

Jennifer Risinger, PHR
Regional Director of
Human Resources, 2009
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Joey Pettis, RN, DON-CLTC, WCC, DWC

Joey Pettis, RN

Regional Nurse Consultant, 2002
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Our Administrator

Kendall Rosemeyer, NHA
Administrator, 2007
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Our Owner

Tommy Davidson

Tommy Davidson
Owner, 1997
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Our Medical Director

Dr. Kristin Severson

Dr. Kristin Severson,
Medical Director, 2018

Dr. Severson, a provider for OakLeaf Clinics - Eau Claire Medical Clinic, provides oversight of the quality of medical care and consultation in care related policy and procedure. Dr. Severson is board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, and she also attained the distinction of Certified Medical Director by the American Board of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

For More Information

If you have questions about Dove Healthcare - West Eau Clairet or would like to schedule a tour, please call us at
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